Equipped with mission-specific attachments offering advantages for a variety of scenarios

Armored Deployment Platform

The platform provides for up to four fully-dressed officers, raises to 11ft for 1st or 2nd floor entry, has locking gun ports and...

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Hydraulic Breaching Ram

Delivering much more power than a hand-carried ram, this hydraulic ram extends from 6-10ft and gives a controlled breach of the structure including block walls...

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Grapple Claw

The versatile grapple claw and bucket can gain access to attics where suspects might barricade from ground level exposure or could aid in disaster relief...

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Vehicle Extraction Tool

A powerful attachment for immobilization or removal of a vehicle in tactical applications. Push, pull or pickup the vehicle...

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Safe, Comfortable Interior

The Cat® manufactured interior delivers comfort for the operator while NIJ Level IV armor and bullet-proof glass protects...

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No Man Left Behind

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Several agencies have expressed a desire to have the ability to make entry into three-story structures. The new ADP, designed with feedback from those agencies, enables entry into three-story buildings, while keeping officers protected during dangerous standoff situations.

Justin Rutherford, Ring Power Tactical Solutions Sales Representative

armored platform: 3rd Story Entry

New Amored Platform

The Rook’s upgraded Armored Deployment Platform now provides entry into a three-story structure, while providing NIJ Level IV armor protection.

The Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) is one of four attachments that come standard with The Rook and has always supported second-story entry from the floor of the platform. The new improvements have added a ladder system and rooftop platform, enabling officers to make third-story entry by climbing to the rooftop of the ADP. Handholds have been integrated above the lights to aid in climbing.

The Rook’s custom-built NIJ Level IV Armored Deployment Platform, includes a sloping partial roof cover and a floor-to-roof front shield. The shield features sliding center doors and bat wing doors on the outer edges, plus independent power for two Go Lights. The ADP provides room for up to four fully dressed officers and is equipped with two locking gun ports, four 5” x 9” sliding gun ports, six bulletproof glass sight ports, and wireless video cameras attached to the front of the platform with video feed to the equipment operator.

When the Armored Deployment Platform is mounted on The Rook, the operator can raise it to 11 feet (to the bottom of the platform) so that entry can be made on the first, second, and third floors. The platform height is also ideal for airplane assault incidents. In a vehicle takedown, the platform can be slanted downward for crowd control and rescues.

The ADP allows a bomb squad to be delivered closer to the proximity of a suspicious device, eliminating long walking distances in heavy protective gear. The Rook can deliver the platform where other vehicles can’t go, including schools, malls, large crowds and more. The platform can be detached and used as a fortified position with room for an additional three officers, as opposed to hand-carried ballistic shields. Additional uses include hostage rescue, suspicious package removal, bus assaults and delivering hostage negotiation supplies, all while behind Level IV Armor.

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