Equipped with mission-specific attachments offering advantages for a variety of scenarios

Armored Deployment Platform

The platform provides for up to four fully-dressed officers, raises to 11ft for 1st or 2nd floor entry, has locking gun ports and...

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Hydraulic Breaching Ram

Delivering much more power than a hand-carried ram, this hydraulic ram extends from 6-10ft and gives a controlled breach of the structure including block walls...

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Grapple Claw

The versatile grapple claw and bucket can gain access to attics where suspects might barricade from ground level exposure or could aid in disaster relief...

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Vehicle Extraction Tool

A powerful attachment for immobilization or removal of a vehicle in tactical applications. Push, pull or pickup the vehicle...

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Safe, Comfortable Interior

The Cat® manufactured interior delivers comfort for the operator while NIJ Level IV armor and bullet-proof glass protects...

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No Man Left Behind

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Critical Incident


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Equipped with mission-specific attachments offering advantages for a variety of scenarios

in the news

A new anti-terror weapon, an armored vehicle called The Rook, was front and center as the drama in California unfolded.

in the news

A multi-agency effort brought safe resolution to a Texas neighborhood.

in the news

A regional SWAT team gets to do some live action training at the closed Hanover Mall.

in the news

The tracked vehicle brought in to locate survivalist wanted for the murder of state trooper.

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Recent News

in the news

Hoping to avoid another $474,000 in medical expenses, Guilford County Sheriff's Office approves The Rook.

in the news

The Rook reveals a man hiding under the floor of a house in Florida.

Manhunt in Virginia - The Rook

in the news

Authorities have closed down schools in Roanoke, Virginia, as they comb the area where 22-year-old Michael Brown was last spotted.


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Recoil Magazine

in the news

While you may be familiar with vehicles like a repurposed M706 being used as a battering ram or Lenco BearCats serving as troop transports, there’s really nothing else like the Rook on the market.

in the news

Six people, including a New Jersey police officer, were killed in a standoff and shootout that brought a Jersey City neighborhood to a standstill Tuesday, investigators said.

Video: North Dakota law enforcement has a new tool

in the news

The Bismarck Police Department says other state agencies agreed Bismarck would be the best area to have the first Rook in the state because it's centrally located and they can respond quickly.

Video: Sacramento Sheriff - The Rook

social media

Sacramento County Sheriff's LT. Henry gives us an inside look from the special operations bureau.

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Fugitive's trail ends - The Rook

In the news

The double-murder suspect who had slipped through trackless woods and evaded hundreds of police was trapped in the open, stuck on a boat far from water.

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