Equipped with mission-specific attachments offering advantages for a variety of scenarios

Armored Deployment Platform

The platform provides for up to four fully-dressed officers, raises to 11ft for 1st or 2nd floor entry, has locking gun ports and...

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Hydraulic Breaching Ram

Delivering much more power than a hand-carried ram, this hydraulic ram extends from 6-10ft and gives a controlled breach of the structure including block walls...

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Grapple Claw

The versatile grapple claw and bucket can gain access to attics where suspects might barricade from ground level exposure or could aid in disaster relief...

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Vehicle Extraction Tool

A powerful attachment for immobilization or removal of a vehicle in tactical applications. Push, pull or pickup the vehicle...

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Photo courtesy of Recoil Magazine

Safe, Comfortable Interior

The Cat® manufactured interior delivers comfort for the operator while NIJ Level IV armor and bullet-proof glass protects...

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Operator Cab: Cat® Comfort Seats

Deploying a vehicle for your mission doesn’t have to be a pain in the rear end. We equipped The Rook with Cat® Comfort Seats designed to provide ergonomic seating for operators.

Enjoy industry leading comfort from the high-back, heated air ride seat including seat mounted adjustable joystick controls. Designed for rugged use, these seats are built to last 10,000 hours with proper maintenance.

Air ride suspension provides a shock absorbing suspension system and adjust for the operator’s convenience to hand and foot controls. Cat air suspensions use pneumatic actuators to move seats to reduce vibration and adjust seats.

The thick, contoured seat cushion features angle adjustment and rolled front edges for reduced leg pressure. Cushions are upholstered with rip-resistant materials using a special fusing process for long wear. Cushions are comfortable, waterproof, washable, and replaceable. Seat covers are not needed.

For the long term, Cat service and replacement parts allow easy field service of Cat seating systems. Quality parts and service you expect for your equipment.

The Rook’s comfort seat won’t complete your mission for you, but it delivers the comfort an operator needs in order to focus on the mission task at hand.

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